60 minutes | Sep 13, 2021

#121: Chinese Philosophy, Traditional Festivals, 4 Character Idioms and Podcast Lessons with Jay Yow

My guest today is Jay Yow. Jay is a recording and mixing engineer and a gamer. He was born in Malaysia and immigrated to America in his adults year. Jay is currently the producer of one of my favourite podcasts James Altucher Show. We discussed: What's it like to be a bilingual writer producing two newsletters to two different audiences? How James Altucher adopted Jay and trained him to be his sound engineer? What are the top three lessons learnt from James Altucher Show that interviewed 700+ guests? How does playing games teach us about life and learn a new language and business strategy? What's the traditional Chinese education role in the Malaysian education system? What's the origin story of famous Chinese festivals such as the Dragon Boat Festival and Mid-autumn Festival? Who are the most famous poets in ancient China? Why there are so many different versions of history? What's the TRUTH? What's the fundamental difference between Chinese philosophy and western philosophy? Share some four-character idioms that are valuable: Wo Xin Chang Dan and Sai Weng Shi Ma Books/Links mentioned in this episodes: David Perell Write of Passage Jesse Itzler: The $160,000 Lesson How to connect with the greatest network in the world with AJ Jacobs How to Have Impossible Conversations when facts don't matter with Peter Boghossian How to start a conversation with Strangers? with Joe Keohane Fantasy Premier League 20/21 Review One Hundred Thousand Whys A story of Sima Guang Three Character Classic China’s Shakespeare - Du Fu Li Bai and Du Fu Dragon Boat Festival Mid-Autumn Festival Dynasties in Chinese history Qin Shi Huang Burning of books and burying of scholars Legalism (Chinese philosophy) Opium Wars Journey to the West Black Myth: Wukong Full version
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