16 minutes | Sep 29, 2021

CEA - Top Reasons Why Engineers Make Great Entrepreneurs

Whether you already have a career you really like or you're just getting started, engineers always want more. They want to improve themselves and their life, do greater things and achieve more. It’s no surprise most of them want to become entrepreneurs. If you do, then you’re in the right place! In today’s episode, you’ll learn 10 reasons why you already have what it takes to become a successful entrepreneur. Your engineering background armed you with skills you’ve never thought you could use to start a profitable business on the side of your career. And even better, you’ll learn about these skills from someone who has managed to do just that. Our Partners: Engineer 2 Entrepreneur - https://engineer2entrepreneur.net Built Bar - http://civilengineeringacademy.com/built CEA Resources: CEA Website - https://civilengineeringacademy.com The Ultimate Civil PE Review Course - https://civilpereviewcourse.com The Ultimate Civil FE Review Course - https://civilfereviewcourse.com CEA Youtube Channel - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPeFLBZ2gk0uO5M9uE2zj0Q CEA Free Facebook Community - https://ceacommunity.com CEA FE and PE Practice Exams - https://civilengineeringacademy.com/exams CEA Newsletter - https://civilengineeringacademy.com/newsletter Reach out to Isaac - isaac@civilengineeringacademy.com --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/civilengineeringacademy/message
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