49 minutes | Oct 22, 2018

Operation Silver Shovel | S1 E6

A criminal flips and wears a wire. Aldermen accept small sums of large bills. The FBI’s investigation may be tainted. "Mount Henry" grows, but shrinks from memory.There's bonus content for this episode of The City and more at our website: thecitypodcast.comInstagram: @thecitypodTwitter: @thecitypod Facebook: @thecitypodEmail: info@thecitypodcast.com_________________________________Support The City by supporting our sponsors!Bombas: Get 20% off your first order when you visit them at bombas.com/thecity and use promotion code THECITY at checkout.Helix Sleep: Get up to $125 off your mattress when you visit them at helixsleep.com/thecity_________________________________Corrections and clarifications: A previous version of Episode 6 of The City misidentified the number of silver pieces Judas received for betraying Jesus. It was 30 pieces of silver.
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