41 minutes | Mar 2nd 2020

Ep 48: Lindsey Smolan- Founder of Lindsey Smolan Public Relations- All Things Public Relations Related: Starting Her Own Company, Digital Marketing Trends - Adjusting with Social Media Changes

Today's guest features Lindsey Smolan, founder of Lindsey Smolan Public Relations, a boutique PR firm specializing in outreach for fashion, lifestyle and beauty brands in NYC. Lindsey explains how she got into Public Relations and why she started her own company about nine years ago. As the industry is changing, we talk about what this means for her business and ways that she had to adapt to the shift to digital marketing and social media. Lindsey also admits to having impostor syndrome even though she is an entrepreneur and has a successful track with landing media placements for her clients. Lindsey's main goal for her business moving forward is to expand her team and outreach so if you are interested in connecting with Lindsey, feel free to follow her on Instagram @lindseysmolanpr or check out her website http://www.lindseysmolan.com/. Any questions or comments regarding this episode can be sent to thecityconfessions@gmail.com. 

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