78 minutes | Jan 28, 2020

The Circle Path EP. 6 - Connie Willis

Join us as we welcome on Connie Willis of Coast To Coast AM and Blue Rock Talk!  We talk about Sasquatch, the Yeti, Ghosts, Aliens, and everything weird!   BLUE ROCK TALK with Connie Willis - Earth's Most Interesting Conversations inside the most Interactive, Participatory Live Streaming Network on the Planet! www.BlueRockTalk.TV Blue Rock talk with Connie Willis includes: - Far out Thursdays ~ Discussing Aliens and UFO’s to Remote Viewing and even Bees making honey. - Bigfoot Friday ~ Bigfoot researchers discussing and displaying their finds. - On The Road With Connie ~ Connie latest Project takes you on all nite investigations or camping 3-5 night to secret active creepy Hotspots of authentic researchers of Bigfoot, Dogman, UFO’s, Spirits, Shadow people, Demons and more virtually, via live stream and live chats! Meet Connie: - Founder/Digital Host of BLUE ROCK TALK with Connie Willis - Weekend Host on COAST TO COAST AM - TV HOST/ANCHOR/REPORTER: UPN, ESPN, SPEED, TNN Motorsports, FOX Sports DISNEY, OXYGEN, QVC, HSN, TSC... - RADIO HOST/PERSONALITY: COAST TO COAST, WHAS, WWKA, WDBO, WVEZ, WSRZ, WMGB, KISS, KOOL, WAKY, WPHT, KEX, KOA, KHOW   Follow us on twitter at https://twitter.com/TheCirclePath email us thecirclepath@gmail.com 
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