87 minutes | Jul 14, 2019

TC #116 - Elena Gorfinkel (The Color of Love)

As this podcast has aimed to define, those who watch cinema can often be more revealing of culture than cinema itself. In her book, Lewd Looks, Elena Gorfinkel explores the sexploitation era of the 1960s. However, she looks past the texts to consider some of the more aspects of spectators and the public who shaped this unique era. The result is a fascinating text that considers cinephilia's history in ways that imagines both a more dynamic and complex past alongside a new way of formulating our current moment. Peter and Elena go on to discuss the issues surrounding cinephilia today and Elena's own work outside of the academic halls. Finally, Elena brings in the fascinating experimental work The Color of Love from filmmaker Peggy Ahwesh, considering how this work literally found in a dumpster becomes a cinephilie love letter to another forgotten filmmaker. 0:00–3:16 Opening4:01–1:03:33 Deep Focus — Elena Gorfinkel1:04:30–1:03:33 Sponsorship Section1:08:24–1:25:14 Double Exposure — The Color of Love (Peggy Ahwesh)1:25:19–1:26:52 Close
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