92 minutes | Nov 9, 2020

The Child's Play Film Series Retrospective- Episode 196

This week, we are back after a little Halloween hiatus with a little retrospective just as we leave spooky season and march toward the mass consumer orgy that is Xmas with a tale of toys gone bad....well more like movies about a single toy gone bad. We are of course referring to academy award winning actor, Brad Dourif portrayal of the "all rubber" serial killer in a matching jumper, Chucky in The Child's Play Series. The series is a rollercoaster ride of camp, gore, and a bit of voodoo from the mind of Don Mancini. But how does this cavalcade of horrors from the cabbage patch doll from hell stack up when examined without nostalgia goggles? We'll find out today as we break down the long and bloody career of Charles Lee Ray and our retrospective on The Child's Play Films! MERCH AND ANNOUCEMENTS Our co-host, John Wooliscroft, has a brand new film channel on youtube. Check it out and Subscribe at J DUB'S VIDEO NASTIES Use the coupon code "psychosnation" and save 25% on our TeePublic Store!  Sign up for PSYCHOS NATION: Our Monthly Newsletter HELP US SPREAD THE MADNESS! Help us spread the madness by tweeting!  Click here to post a tweet! Did you really like this episode?  If so consider leaving us a rating, a review, or subscribe! WAYS TO SUBSCRIBE TO THE CINEMA PSYCHOS SHOW! Apple Podcasts Stitcher Spotify Pandora Android RSS Feed FEEDBACK AND CONTACT US Gotta a movie or question you want to throw our way?  Or did we trash one of your favorite films and you want to know where to send a dead horse.  Either way, drop us a line!  We welcome your questions and dead horses.   NEW !!!  Leave us voicemail! - @Speakpipe Email cinemapsychosshow@gmail.com Twitter - @psychosshow Facebook - @psychosshow Instagram - @psychosshow Website - cinemapsychosshow.com Brian Cottington - @briancottington John Wooliscroft - @theunrealjwools Laine Wooliscroft - @la_croft Epicast Network - epicastnetwork.com Theme Music: TITLE: “Red Alert” AUTHOR: Jack Waldenmaier PUBLISHER: Music Bakery Publishing (BMI) WARNING: UNAUTHORIZED USE OF THE MUSIC CONTAINED IN THIS PRODUCTION IS SUBJECT TO CRIMINAL PROSECUTION. All copyrights, licensing, duplication and distribution rights are held exclusively by Music Bakery Publishing (BMI). 214-636-5887 musicbakery.com
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