22 minutes | Oct 21st 2020

10 Links you should click (October 2020)

As part of my daily routine, I scan dozens of blogs, visit a handful of Facebook groups, and skim through Twitter.

The goal: find the most helpful resources, tools, and articles that I can share with my teacher friends (that’s you!).

Here are my favorite links for October 2020:

  1. Citation for Google Docs
  2. Migrate data between Google Domains
  3. Introducing Google Workspace  
  4. Google Meet gets all the things 
  5. Sweet new virtual whiteboard  
  6. Virtual parent teacher conferences 
  7. Why you should read Edgar Allen Poe
  8. Need a Halloween costume? Google can help!
  9. Halloween Choice Board
  10. Virtual Pumpkin Carving with Slides

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