20 minutes | Mar 1st 2016

Will Chris Christie Do Anything to Stay Out of Jersey?

Depending on who you were talking to, it was either the most shocking thing the governor has ever done or not surprising at all. But certainly everyone was talking about it. Chris Christie’s endorsement of Donald Trump sent the political world reeling and had New Jersey residents wondering when they might ever see their governor again. Just over two weeks after suspending his own presidential bid, the governor was back out on the campaign trail – this time working for his buddy, Donald. NJPR’s Matt Katz joins us to try to make sense of the situation. He tells host David Furst that even “some members of his inner circle were shocked by this.” We also speak with Jennifer Rubin who writes the conservative Right Turn blog for the Washington Post. In the past, she has been an admirer of the governor. But after the Trump endorsement, she unleashed a series of tweets and columns that, uh, did not hold back – as headlines like “Chris Christie is Now Ruined” made perfectly clear. Check out the WNYC Data News App: The Christie Tracker and Matt’s new book, American Governor: Chris Christie’s Bridge to Redemption.  
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