20 minutes | Feb 16th 2016

Shorn of 'Candidate' Status, Governor Christie Reemerges

It was the first sight most New Jerseyans had of Chris Christie since he dropped out of the presidential race. The governor was back behind a podium, addressing a joint session of the state legislature. Never one to do anything on a small scale, his annual budget speech provided the perfect vehicle for his return to Jersey politics, full time. For once, Christie had no hybrid title. No "Presidential Candidate" or even "RGA Chairman" to preface his actual job: governor. And this time, his speech wasn't aimed over the heads of New Jersey residents at a potential national audience of Republican primary voters. But what did he say? NJPR's Matt Katz says it was "Pensions 2.0." Matt joins host David Furst for analysis and shares his thoughts on Christie's return to Jersey. Plus: Michael Aron, Chief Political Correspondent for NJTV offers a unique perspective on Christie's resiliency. Aron has known Chris Christie since his days as U.S. Attorney. And he has interviewed every NJ governor since Tom Kean. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie delivers his FY 2017 budget address, 2-16-16. Check out the WNYC Data News App: The Christie Tracker and Matt’s new book, American Governor: Chris Christie’s Bridge to Redemption.  
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