73 minutes | Jul 7th 2014

Episode 5: Body Transformation Specialist, Josh LaJaunie

If you are wondering how someone from the cajun country of Thibodaux,Louisiana could overcome immense pressure from culture, family, and peers to eat unhealthy food could lose over 200 pounds, then you'll want to listen to this episode of the show. Josh LaJaunie and I met over a year ago when we volunteered at the New Orleans Entrepreneur Week. We've stayed in touch since then. He's undergone a tremendous body transformation. We talk through his entire journey, from the point in time when he finally decided to start losing weight ,when he was going to school at Nicholls State, to his current training for marathons. Josh is a big proponent of plant-based eating and an avid runner. He does not eat any meat. How someone as big and burly as him can do that, I have no idea. He is now training to run his second marathon. You can find him online at his blog www.joshlajaunie.wordpress.com If you want to reach out to him through social media you can find him on Facebook and Twitter Here's an excerpt from the interview where Josh waxes philosophical about running: When you get past that half marathon distance, when you hit a certain level of exhaustion, man, everything that you think you are disappears. And your left with just the essence of what you are. Your distilled down to the most concentrated version of you. And that sounds real hippie, you know, left wing, or out of the box kind of thinking, but its the truth, dude. And It helps you think, it helps me think in other areas of life. Here's a before picture of Josh:         Here's an after picture of Josh:        
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