73 minutes | Nov 22, 2020

Sacred Cow Tipping: Blend

Richard and Eric venture out to tip over a most beautiful sacred cow: choral blend.  What are people actually talking about when they ask for "blend?"  Though being slightly more ambiguous than conductors would like to admit, it remains a top priority for many.  We all want the choirs we hear to sound good, but what could we all be missing if we focus on "blend" too much, or put it above other aspects of the music-making experience.  Are there potential alternatives or perhaps different ways of getting at what "blend" is, perhaps even creating a more vibrant, unified musical experience?  https://blog.chrisrowbury.com/2018/04/the-7-elements-of-vocal-blend-and-how.htmlhttp://www.markdavinobenza.com/2012/07/choral-blend-better-way-to-get-it-with.htmlhttps://www.classicalmpr.org/story/2015/07/27/weston-noble-the-legacy-of-an-american-choral-giant
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