100 minutes | Apr 17, 2019

#yallwantJHONNIBLAZE !?!?! feat. Chris aka Jhonny Blaze

Que and Mic are absent but the guys didn't skip a beat. Dru, Monte', and honorary member Chris aka JHONNY BLAZE ! sits down and chops up EVERYTHING. Topics like hogties, growing up hip hop, porn paraphernalia, coke heads, Biggie lyric breakdowns, Chinese fried chicken,  CIAA wardrobe mistakes, club etiquette, and plenty more ! Take some time out of your day to listen in to the interesting perspectives that the guys tend to bring to the table. Come chop it up with us !   Make sure to Follow us on Instagram @chopituppod ! --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/thechopitup/message
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