26 minutes | Jul 19th 2020

Gain Energy, Focus and Calm with Dr. Cheryl Kam | Ep.16

Nutrient deficiency. You probably think it only applies to people living in poverty. The truth is - if you find yourself constantly tired and lacking motivation, you might be running low on nutrients.   In today's episode of The Chill MomBoss Show, Dr. Cheryl Kam explains that many of us, especially women, go into nutritional debt when we turn 30.    Yikes!    No wonder, we sometimes feel lazy, unproductive, and frustrated at ourselves for having accomplished nothing. At least I do.    We often associate tiredness with #momlife, but according to Dr. Cheryl, it's simply not true. It is NOT NORMAL for moms to constantly feel tired.   The good news is... there is a cure to treat this tired-mom syndrome. We can fix our nutrients deficiencies to unlock more energy, increase our focus, and be a calmer, happier mom.   What was covered in the discussion: How Dr. Cheryl overcame violence as a child, depression, and anxiety as a medical student  Why she left conventional medicine to pursue a fellowship in nutritional and environmental medicine Common misconceptions people make about their health conditions What are the most common nutrients women are lacking 
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