10 minutes | Oct 20th 2020

When Your Sleeping Dreams Help You Realize Your Waking Dreams

Hey, it’s Amy Newmark with your Chicken Soup for the Soul and today I want to share a couple of stories from Chicken Soup for the Soul: Listen to Your Dreams. This is our third book about dreams and how you can use them as a kind of GPS for navigating your life. I’m constantly amazed at just how useful dreams are. They can reveal so much about what our subconscious is trying to tell us, things that we’re too busy to listen to during our waking hours. When you do listen, it can be life changing. And that’s what happened to the two writers who share their stories with us today—stories about how listening to dreams they had in their sleep directed them to realizing their dreams in their waking hours—in one case a new career, and in another case, a new house.

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