41 minutes | Aug 14th 2020

Chicken 3-Piece (Part 3): MGTOW is a Cult (w/Mike Fallek)

Cha is joined by guest host Mike Fallek this whole week for a 3-Piece Chicken Special! Today, we discuss Mike's new podcast Hashtag Cult and his ongoing research in uncovering MGTOW as a cult. It's some heavy and interesting stuff, so be prepared!

On Wednesday, we discussed how my brothers and I lost a combined 100 pounds using Noom! Mike also discusses his documentary Telephone Dieting (links at the bottom with Promo Codes!).

On Monday, we discussed Obes's political campaign (for Harris County Department of Education, Board Trustee Seat 7) and the Special Election being held this Saturday, August 15th.

If you are a resident of Harris County, TX, we need your help! Whoever the Precinct Chairs vote for this Saturday will be the Democratic Nominee for HCDE Place 7. Before Saturday, please give your precinct chair a call and tell them to Vote for Obes for HCDE Place 7! To find your precinct chair, fill out the form at https://precinctprogress.com/find-my-precinct/ and afterward, you'll receive an email with the name and contact information of your precinct chair. Thank you for your continued support!

Follow Mike on IG (@mikefallek) and Twitter (@BigLilWeasel). Check out his website hashtagcult.org for more info on hashtag cults as well as exclusive interviews, and be sure to subscribe to the Hashtag Cult podcast.

Watch Mike's documentary Telephone Dieting. The first 30 listeners to buy or rent will be able to use the code CHICKEN64 to get 70% Off your order! Link is here: http://bigweasellilweasel.club/telephone-dieting

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Be sure to check out some of the artists we worked with on Obes's campaign: Carra Sykes, Design (IG: @carrasykes); Steve Ngugi, Videography (IG: @neighborhoodsteve); J. Smith, Photography (IG: @1.js)



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