17 minutes | Feb 11, 2020

Traditional Small Business Financing - A Chat with Southern Bank's Cory McNett

Welcome to Episode 2 of The Chesapeake Edition's Small Business Series.  On today's episode we will be chatting with Banking Officer, Cory McNett, of Southern Bank.  We cover all things related to traditional small business financing.  Learn how to prepare for your first meeting with your loan office, what the loan process looks like, and also find out what NOT to do when applying.If you would like to reach Cory for additional follow up questions, please contact him at cory.mcnett@southernbank.com or by phone at 757-446-6920If there is a topic you would like to hear discussed on The Chesapeake Edition, please email me at cgilchrist@chesapeakeva.biz or find me on LinkedIn by searching: Casey Gilchrist. I look forward to hearing from you and hope you enjoy this week's episode.
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