40 minutes | Jun 26, 2020

Ask the Experts: A Q&A with the Virginia Department of Health

On this week's episode of the Chesapeake Edition, we speak one-on-one with experts from the Virginia Health Department.  Join the discussion with Chesapeake Health District's Epidemiologist, Lisa Engle and Environmental Health Supervisor, Jason Williams as they answer questions the Chesapeake business community posed.Time stamps: 3:04 What do I do if employees are not abiding by CDC guidelines? 3:59 Where is the best place to find most up to date information on guidelines and best practices?5:11 Are temperature checks/masks mandated or optional?6:56 What do you do if an employee tests positive or is around someone who tests positive?10:35 How do people get notified if they have been exposed to someone who tests positive for the coronavirus?11:05 Can I refuse service to those not wearing face coverings?12:00 Can you explain the medical exemption policy and talk about exemption cards?14:15 What advice would you give to those seeking childcare during the pandemic?15:55 Can you catch the coronavirus at the gym via sweat?16:59 How do you properly clean gym equipment?17:40 Can you catch the coronavirus when exercising next to someone who is breathing heavily?18:25 Are filters needed for masks for extra protection?21:37 Are waivers for liability necessary for my business?22:23 At what point will it be safe for business travel?23:27 What is the safest way to distribute mail/packages in an office environment?25:15 What are some precautionary practices for asymptomatic individuals?27:20 Are you able to pass the coronavirus on to others if you test positive for antibodies?28:39 Is it possible to still test positive for the coronavirus but not be contagious?30:06 How long do I need to isolate if I contract the virus?32:15  Can you catch the coronavirus by inhaling cigarette smoke?33:19 Medical surgeries require COVID testing. If a patient tests positive and I have interacted with them within 14 days should I get tested?35:27 How is Phase 3 going to be different than the current phase we are in? 38:13 How do I get in contact with you?Helpful Websites: State of Virginia's COVID-19 Business Resource Page: https://www.virginia.gov/coronavirus/forwardvirginia/Virginia Department of Health Business Resource Page: https://www.vdh.virginia.gov/coronavirus/schools-workplaces-community-locations/businesses/Chesapeake Health District Environmental Health: https://www.vdh.virginia.gov/chesapeake/environmental-health/Virginia Department of Health Child Care Resources: https://www.vdh.virginia.gov/coronavirus/schools-workplaces-community-locations/child-care/Graphics/Illustrations Mentioned When is it safe to be around others graphic (VDH) https://www.vdh.virginia.gov/content/uploads/sites/182/2020/04/Home-IsolationQuarantine-Release-Graphic_FINAL.pdfInterpreting test results graphic (VDH) https://www.vdh.virginia.gov/content/uploads/sites/182/2020/05/VDH-COVID-19-Viral-Test-Results-Infographic.v4.pdf
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