38 minutes | May 12, 2021

042 – Counting Calories Is Overkill For Fat Loss

While you can’t have your cake and eat it if you want to look and feel your best all year round (yeah, sorry!) you certainly DON’T need to count every grain of rice, quinoa or god forbid, couscous, that you add to those little plastic pots you’re so fond of. In fact...Counting calories is utter overkill for the vast majority of us, not to mention...it’s punishingly miserable! In Episode 42 Rachel and David delve deeper into the dark side of calorie counting. They show us just how it erodes not only your self-confidence, self-trust, and your ability to read your own body signals, but can actually damage your confidence at work, your ability to make decisions and even impact how you lead your team. No bueno. We see how counting calories perpetuates perfectionism, fear and self-doubt, and further encourages the binge-starve cycle. But relax! Before you panic...Help is here! Always solutions based, the two show us how we can take a big picture approach to viewing our health and our weight. They explain how to navigate healthy fluctuations instead of resorting to drastic and nonsensical means “to reign it all in!” We learn why having a sustainable healthy nutrition plan is simply not enough, why fat loss is an emotional issue and NEVER a strategic issue, and why emotional fitness is actually the key to it all. A beast of an episode that will have you in fits of laughter while leaving you with some serious words of wisdom. A must listen! If you have any questions for the podcast please send them to: Podcast@ChaseLifeConsulting.com If you’re ready to take decisive action to resolve your struggles with binge / emotional eating, stress, overwhelm, or low self esteem, you can book in for a call at: www.chaselifeintensive.com/call To find out more about who we are and what we do go to: www.ChaseLifeConsulting.com
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