74 minutes | Apr 28, 2021

041 – In Conversation With Dr Jade Teta – Next Level Relationships

Are you great at spotting everyone else’s dysfunction but absolutely rubbish at catching your own? Are you searching for your other half, you know, that one special someone who is just out there waiting for you with roses, a limo, fine wine and why not, a private jet ready to whisk you off to the Maldives and... Oh come on! It’s time to stop living life and especially your love life as if you were Rachel McAdams from The Notebook! Sadly, this ain’t Hollywood! Listen, real life is certainly not all Disney and this outdated narrative is actually holding you back from finding, building and nurturing a truly successful and next level relationship. Find out why we need to toss the idea of “you complete me” and instead adopt the far better “you grow me” approach when it comes to finding love. Rachel and Jade show us why it’s not necessary (and actually harmful) to sacrifice our own identities if we want to have a successful relationship, and how we can and should retain part of ourselves as separate entities in order for the relationship to thrive. We discover why David has had to turn away from platinum hair extensions as a hobby and instead choose scuba diving and spearfishing, and why this may be a key to Rachel & David’s successful marriage. This show may ruffle some feathers but Rachel and Jade will absolutely blow your mind throughout this episode and leave you ravenous for more! So...Round two? To connect with Dr Jade go to: www.drjadeteta.com Instagram: @jadeteta In this podcast we referred to his courses “Next Level Romance” and The Professional Female Metabolism Certification. Both of which can be found on his website. To find out more about who we are and what we do go to: www.ChaseLifeConsulting.com
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