37 minutes | Apr 21, 2021

040 – Stop COMPARING your body, life or finances to other people. Here’s how:

Episode 40 looks at comparison and how, amongst others, one of the very common symptoms of comparison issues is secretly wishing for the demise and downfall of others! However, before you start berating yourself for being an absolute turd of a human being, or worse still, a total sociopath, relax! We’ve all done it. Yet the solution to comparison is not convincing yourself that other people’s lives suck more than your own just so you feel better. No no! The solution lies in developing unstoppable self-confidence, bulletproof self-worth and letting go of self-judgement once and for all. Rachel & David show you how to stop comparing your life to others and start chasing your own dreams instead. They show you how to rewire your relationship with yourself and your life, so that you will be too busy confidently and boldly blazing your own path that you won’t have the time, energy or desire to care about what anyone else is doing, real or not! Get your pen and paper. This episode contains so much actionable wisdom that you won't want to miss a word! If you have any questions for the podcast please send them to: Podcast@ChaseLifeConsulting.com If you’re ready to take decisive action to resolve your struggles with binge / emotional eating, stress, overwhelm, or low self esteem, you can book in for a call at: www.chaselifeintensive.com/call To find out more about who we are and what we do go to: www.ChaseLifeConsulting.com
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