36 minutes | Apr 7, 2021

039 – Fat Loss Is An EMOTIONAL Problem

Less faff from the fitness industry and more stuff that works! Why you need to Marie Kondo the hell out of your emotional fitness and emotional management if you want to lose weight, get in shape or achieve a bad ass body transformation. Some of the bog standard advice for stress management typically includes things like journaling, breathing exercises, 30 minute meditation sessions upon waking (can you even manage 30 seconds?!) massages, spa days, mani-pedis, followed by a nice calm walk in the woods as solutions. Hmmm. All these do is offer temporary stress relief and even this is debatable since most woman with 2 + kids, a full time job and an actual life don’t have the time to throw down 8 hours at a spa. Come on.... you have a toddler pulling at your leg and fresh baby puke stains on your shirt while you struggle to even get out the door. Managing your stress and achieving emotional fitness (and your fat loss goals) means embracing uncertainty, letting go of the uncontrollable and seeing life from a wholly different perspective. Rachel and David show you how... ____________________________________________ If you have any questions for the podcast please send them to: Podcast@ChaseLifeConsulting.com If you’re ready to take decisive action to resolve your struggles with binge / emotional eating, stress, overwhelm, or low self esteem, you can book in for a call at: www.chaselifeintensive.com/call To find out more about who we are and what we do go to: www.ChaseLifeConsulting.com
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