55 minutes | Mar 29, 2021

038 – Botox, Sunscreen and Skincare with special guest Dr Ruba Bahhady

In this special guest episode Rachel asks Dr Ruba some of the most common questions when it comes to looking good for your age. What treatments are available, where to start and Dr Ruba’s approach to medical and cosmetic dermatology. Nearly every woman will benefit from help with skincare at some stage during their life from acne and pregnancy pigmentation to restoring a youthful appearance using injectables and other collagen producing methods. You can connect with Dr Ruba on: • Instagram @dr.rubabahhady • Visit her website www.rubabahhadymd.com • Or book to see her at her clinic Medical Park Consultants, Abu Dhabi • Or Premium Cosmetic Laser Center, Dubai ___________________________ If you have any questions for the podcast please send them to: Podcast@ChaseLifeConsulting.com If you’re ready to take decisive action to resolve your struggles with binge / emotional eating, stress, overwhelm, or low self esteem, you can book in for a call at: www.chaselifeintensive.com/call To find out more about who we are and what we do go to: www.ChaseLifeConsulting.com
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