45 minutes | Jul 21, 2021

Why we 💚 Vim

On this special edition of The Changelog, we tell Vim’s story from the mouths of its users. Julia Evans, Drew Neil, Suz Hinton, and Gary Bernhardt join Jerod Santo for a deep and wide-ranging discussion about “the best text editor that anyone ever wrote.” Discuss on Changelog News Join Changelog++ to support our work, get closer to the metal, and make the ads disappear! Sponsors Sourcegraph – Sourcegraph is universal code search for every developer and team. Easily search across all the code that matters to you and your organization: find example code, explore and read code, debug issues, and more. Head to info.sourcegraph.com/changelog and click the button “Try Sourcegraph now” to get started. Featuring Julia Evans – Twitter, GitHub, Website Drew Neil – Twitter, GitHub, Website Suz Hinton – Twitter, GitHub, Website Gary Bernhardt – Twitter, GitHub Jerod Santo – Twitter, GitHub Notes and Links Companion “Vim with me” videos Vim with me: Suz Hinton Vim with me: Julia Evans Vim with me: Gary Bernhardt Vim configs Julia’s dotfiles Suz’s dotfiles Gary’s dotfiles Drew’s dotfiles Jerod’s dotfiles Links from Julia vimwiki basic.vim from The Ultimate vimrc Links from Drew vim-exchanage vim-textobj-user vim-commentary vim-surround Links from Suz vim-twitch-line-sign nerdtree vim-airline git-gutter Links from Gary Wat Execute Program fzf.vim selecta Learning Vim Vim Adventures vimcasts Practical Vim by Drew Neil Extras Changelog Community (join us in #vimparty) Changelog++
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