86 minutes | Jun 18, 2020

Champions Podcast - Episode 13 - Don Beebe - Buffalo Bills

Grew up in a home where faith was the number one thingMost important role we will have (as parents) in our kids life is to lead them to Christ.Being a parent is part of parenting your kidsTalks about how his dad was bound and determined when he got saved to raise his kids in a Christian home.  When Don was five his dad took all five kids on a fishing trip and this will be the 50th year of the trip. No one has ever missed. It grew from original 7 to 53 and no one has ever missed. Every person that is of age and understands salvation is saved.The most important thing we can give our children is a legacy in Christ and plant the seeds early.Talks about being the Bills first pick in the 1989 NFL DraftTalks about getting boldness
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