99 minutes | Apr 27, 2020

Champions Podcast - Episode 12 - MLB Umpire Ted Barrett

Talks about putting his faith in the Lord at 8 years oldChaplain at Cal State Heyward where Ted played football began to invest in Ted weekly and would give him scripture to memorize and it was at that point that a fire was lit in himTalks about a when his faith came to a crossroads while umping in the minorsTalks about struggles of trying to fit in with the big league umpires and not wanting to be rejected because of his faithShared how at he had testimony cards made up and handed them out at the umpire union meetings and he came home and told his wife that he thought he committed career suicide because no one wants to hang out with the Jesus guy. A month later the crew chief came into town and told him that he was the most requested guy to be on peoples umpire crewsTalks about an umpire retreat he started several years ago where 12 major and minor league umpires attended the first year and now around 60 attend each year.“You think you can’t do it, you’re right but the Holy Spirit can”CFC is the ministry Calling for ChristTalks about the moment he got the call that he was going to be a big league umpireTalks about the Game 6 call Sam Holbrook madeTalks about his legacy and how he wants to be rememberedTalks about the time Chris Singleton boldly gave him the courage to tell Ted he wasn’t representing Christ the best after he cursed out a coachTalks about umping in perfect games, World Series games and the longest World Series game
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