95 minutes | Mar 20, 2020

Champions Podcast - Episode 11 - Jacquise Terry - Former Kent State Football Player/Owner of Empower Youniversity

Talks about the impact of his mom’s faith was a huge catalyst in his faith journey.Shares about the impact that his Uncle had on his life and how seeing him the hospital lead to Jacquise praying as a 12-year old his first true prayer.He shares about navigating his newfound faith with trying to fit in while in high school and collegeTalks about the struggle of seeing God as a Heavenly Father, without growing up with an earthly fatherTalks about the love and validation that he was searching for in God, he found in sportsSpeaks into how freedom can either be a gift or a curseTalks about his journey to professional football and learning the politics of the NFLTalks about how God is using Empower YOUniversity to reach at risk youth.Link to Empower YOUniversity - https://empoweryouniversity.net/ younversity_ent on Instagram
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