48 minutes | Nov 5, 2020

Welcome to The Chamberlain Care Podcast!

Chamberlain University has created this new podcast as a series to feature the stories of students, alumni, faculty and our Chamberlain colleagues – in and beyond the walls of our campuses. Your host, Kate Rice, will lead conversations about “hot topics” that impact the world of healthcare and our communities. The podcast will air every Thursday, starting today.The inaugural episode of The Chamberlain Care Podcast is titled “All Things NCLEX” and our guest is the Associate Dean of Student Learning at Chamberlain’s Charlotte campus., Barbara Oppenheimer – MSN, BSN, BLS, ACLS, PALS. Barbara is affectionately known as “Ms. O” by her students and colleagues. Today we’re talking to her about her journey from RN to becoming a nurse educator and her advice for students who are about to take the NCLEX. For more information about the NCLEX, read Chamberlain's recent blog post with tips to pass the exam on the first try.
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