43 minutes | Sep 30, 2020

4: Diabetic Education & Detection

Over 30 million Americans are affected by this disease and 7 million American adults are unaware that they have it. We’re talking about diabetes. We have incredible health care providers and resources in the Valley County area and we’re hearing from two of them on this episode about diabetic education and detection.Kayla Beethe, Diabetic Educator with Valley County Health System, explains what diabetes is, symptoms, how diabetes impacts your overall health, lifestyle changes and how parents can model these lifestyle changes for their children.Dr. Brandon Blair, owner of Professional Eyecare in Ord, is sharing more about their new Optos technology and how this high-definition, wide-field camera captures images of the back of the eye which can be used to detect diabetes before a patient even experiences symptoms. Dr. Blair also shares other benefits they’ve experience with this technology along with ways to support your overall eye health.  Resources mentioned in this episode: American Diabetes Association: www.diabetes.org Prediabetes Risk Test: www.doihaveprediabetes.org
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