33 minutes | Feb 17th 2019

053 – When You’re Feeling Frustrated at School, at Home, or with Yourself (A Fresh Perspective for Teachers)

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Some days I roll out of bed, get dressed, and feel like a million bucks.

Other days, I curse my skinny jeans for being too skinny. 👖

And I question whether it was them or me that changed size since the last load of laundry. 🤷‍♀️

Ever feel this way?


Whether we’re frustrated with something going on at school, something at home, or something about ourselves…

Our culture has a tendency to look at frustration as a negative thing.

After all, frustration doesn’t feel good! 😖

So most of us try to rush our way out of frustration as fast as we can.

We run to the Oreos.

We binge the Netflix.

We vent to whoever will listen.

Bottom Line: We seek COMFORT.

But then the frustration rears its ugly head again.

And again.

And again.


So we keep trying to run away from it.

Or we try to numb ourselves from the awful feeling. 🍦📺🍷

But what if there’s more to it?

What if we’re missing something really good hidden underneath the frustration?

What if we’re actually creating our own vicious spin cycles when we try to push it away?

What if there’s a better way to get through the frustration faster?

…And actually come out on the other side of it feeling like we’ve finally conquered it?

(Rather than feeling like the frustration itself has some sort of power over us.)

Let’s look at frustrations with fresh eyes.

And uncover the truth behind what’s really going on.

Whether you’re feeling frustrated at school, at home, with yourself (or all of the above)…

I promise you’ll know exactly what to do with your frustration by the end of the episode.

And fair warning: It might surprise you.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Exactly how to move from frustration toward whatever you want most in your teacher life right now.
  • The two types of discomfort you’ll experience when you’re frustrated (and how to know which one is helpful vs. which one is harmful.)
  • How to consciously choose the type of discomfort that will help you realize your goals, dreams, and ambitions faster.

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