44 minutes | Jan 6th 2019

047 – Your Best Year Yet (Part 2 – Looking Ahead)

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I have a gift for you today, my teacher friend!

Wanna guess what it is??

I’ll give you a couple hints.

Hint #1 — Marty McFly

Hint #2 — Your Best Year Yet

Give up??

Ok, ok!

** Cue the Confetti Drop. **

We’re going Back to the Future together…

To reverse engineer your BEST year yet in 2019.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to rent the DeLorean.

But I DO have something even better for you.

Something that doesn’t require time travelling.

It’s my 5-step process for setting the Right goals for your life in 2019…

So you can actually, fiiinally reach them. For real.

Whether you wanna lose 20 pounds.

Work less. (Goodbye 55-hour teacher work weeks!)

Reclaim more time for your family.

Make more money. (Hello side gig!)

Move into a new house.

Or just take better care of yourself. Period.

I usually only do this for my coaching clients.

But I consider you a dear friend because you’re one of my podcast pals.

So I wanted to make this workbook just for you.

It’s phreee. (Yes, with a ph. It’s too cool for school.)

And it goes along with Episode 047.

It’s Part 2 of your fail-proof plan for Goal Getting in 2019 with the right inside-out strategies that will help you make this your best year yet.

(Make sure you don’t miss Part 1 in Episode 046 – also with a workbook!)

And don’t worry.

You don’t have to figure it all out on your own.

I’ll walk you through the whole process.

So you’ll have more clarity + confidence about 2019 than you’ve ever had before.

Or your money back.

Waaaaaait. What?

Oh that’s right… It’s my Happy New Year gift to you!

Let’s rock this year like it’s nobody’s business.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why your thoughts and feelings are more important than the actions you take to reach your biggest teacher life goals.
  • Why your Future Self is the wisest guru who always knows the best next steps to take in your life.
  • My 5-step process for setting the Right goals for your life with results-driven action items that will ensure your inevitable success.

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