141 minutes | Jul 10, 2022

Taban Cosmos - Software Product Engineer | Startups | Innovation | Mento

On this episode of the Jason Cavness Experience I talk to Taban Cosmos - Software Product Engineer | Startups | Innovation | Mentor We talk about the following and many more items How he is impacting the world through tech How he is creating opportunities for the next generation Being a refugee Advice to immigrants Taban’s Bio Taban’s life purpose, his why, is to impact the world through technology and innovation globally and create sustainable solutions that serve humanity. Taban is the CTO & Co-Founder of Guide, the B2B Learning & Talent Development platform helping remote teams and 1B+ knowledge workers learn anytime, anywhere, on-demand. He is a Sudanese refugee, an accomplished global technology and product leader, and a world-renowned public speaker! In 2020, Taban founded CosmosInnovation, a software solutions company working across healthcare, logistics, e-learning, financial technology, blockchain, machine learning, and quantum computing to build scalable innovations for the future. Formerly, he worked with General Electric Digital, a top fortune 500 company, Dragonchain, the leading blockchain SaaS-based enterprise solution provider, and FileOnQ, one of the leading file management providers solutions for the government and police to manage assets and criminal records. He has been recognized by and has worked with eBay, The Daily Records (the city of Ellensburg, Washington's top local news outlet), Mogul Millennial, a global publication for successful minorities in technology and business, and CTO Connect, a global network of chief technology officers who are building innovative solutions across multiple industries. Being raised by his now-deceased Sudanese immigrant parents while living in a war-torn Sudan is what motivates him every single day to build a powerful legacy that gives those with limited opportunities access to life-changing opportunities in technology. He became passionate about entrepreneurship and innovation because of the impact of his deceased Sudanese parents who always fostered a mindset of creative thinking, entrepreneurship, and grit within him since he was a child. As a world-renowned technology leader and software architect, Taban advises CEOs, CTOS, start-up founders, and universities on how they can build scalable software solutions by leveraging emerging technology. As the CTO & Co-Founder of Guide, he leads a distributed organization re-imagining enterprise learning and talent development and serving underserved communities through education and technology access to building an equitable workforce and education system. Taban is devoting his life to creating opportunities for the next generation of innovators and creators underrepresented. His life mission is to invest in people who want to change the world through technology and innovation. Taban’s Social Media Taban’s LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/tabancosmos/ Taban’s Advice As entrepreneurs and just as humans, if you want to build something, just get started building it. I would say that's it's important for the developer community and the developer community, but the startup community, and also the investor community
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