125 minutes | Feb 21st 2021

Josh Carter Mentor for Early Stage Startups

On this episode of the Jason Cavness Experience I talk to Josh Carter. Josh is a US Navy Vet, a serial entrepreneur, a speaker, a podcast host, and a mentor for early stage startups.cavnessHR website: https://www.cavnessHR.comJason’s email: jasoncavness@cavnessHR.com @cavnessHR   across social media @jasoncavnessHR across social media CavnessHR Crowdfunding Campaign We are doing a rewards based crowdfunding campaign for CavnessHR starting March 2. We're doing this crowdfunding campaign to continue the build out of CavnessHR. Our rewards will include CavnessHR t-shirts, social media outreach for you and your company, ebooks, webinars and more. You can go to the CavnessHR Indiegogo link at https://cavnesshr.co/crowdfunding We talk about the following His Podcasts Operation Code 1859 Ventures When should founders switch from MVP/Product Market fit to all out scaling. Blue Ventures/Maritime Blue Innovation Accelerator at Washington Maritime Blue Josh’s Bio Josh Carter is a US Navy Vet, a serial entrepreneur, a speaker, a podcast host, and a mentor for early stage startups. Born in the San Francisco Bay Area he spent time traveling the globe before settling into a career in telecom. For over 15 years he worked for companies like Pacific Bell, Google, and Twilio on a variety of large scale projects.Having started a number of companies he has led teams working on projects for companies like Disney, Pabst Blue Ribbon, Taco Bell, and many more. He led BrightWork, a developer infrastructure company, into top tier accelerator program Techstars and helped secure some venture funding. Josh also led a Techstars affiliated non-profit called Patriot Boot Camp where he was instrumental in creating new programs and partnerships.Today Josh hosts veteran and music focused podcasts and continues to work with early stage startups. He also hosts a monthly meetup for founders in the area called Coffee w/ Co-Founders. When he's not found at local meetups and events, you can find Josh with his family hiking or kayaking.  Josh’s Social Media 1859 VC: https://1859.vc/ Josh’s LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/joshuajcarter/ Josh’s Email: josh@1859.vc Veteran Founder Podcast: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/veteran-founder-podcast/id1451751700The Five10 Podcast        http://thefive10.com Josh’s Gift I would love to sit down with any listener who is thinking about starting a business or has a business. I'm happy to spend some time and talk to your listeners about their idea. Anybody that wants to chat with me, my email is just josh@1859.vc They can email me and I'll give them my calendar link so that they can book some time at their convenience. We'll sit down and figure out what you're working on. I'm happy to help. Josh’s Advice I tell this a lot to founders, your business is a hypothesis, until someone gives you money, it's not a business. If you treat your business like a science experiment. Write down your hypothesis, collect data, be obsessed with collecting data. Put numbers on paper, numbers won't lie. If you do all that, you're gonna set yourself up for success. If you ignore the data or not be authentic about it, or if you compromise that in any way, then you're going to be in a path for failure. See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.
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