126 minutes | Feb 7th 2021

Jerry Wang Silicon Vally Entrepreneur

On this episode of the Jason Cavness Experience I talk to Jerry Wang. Jerry is an entrepreneur in Silicon Valley with a background in tech startups, software development, marketing and operations.cavnessHR website: https://www.cavnessHR.com

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We talk about the following


Online to Offline


How he got his start in Silicon Valley


Advice for new Devs


The communication gap between tech and non-tech people


Bunker Labs

Jerry’s Bio


Jerry is an entrepreneur in Silicon Valley, with a background in tech startups, software development, marketing, and operations. He made his first website at 13 back in 1996 and has been building websites, applications, mobile apps, and chat bots ever since. 


Jerry served as a Marine combat engineer from 2003 until 2007, doing construction and building elements for the Marine Corps, including the border fence in Arizona.


Currently Jerry is focusing in on food and retail, bringing ecommerce best practices into the brick and mortar world to bridge the gap between the online and the offline.


Jerry’s Social Media


Jerry’s Twitter: https://twitter.com/yojerrywang


Jerry’s LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/yojerrywang/


Jerry’s Clubhouse: @jerrywang


Jerry’s Advice


Figure out if you want to be on this path of being a coder. There are lots of resources, I could definitely point you to different directions. If you're going past that a little bit and you say to yourself, I'm itching to be entrepreneur.


There's also lots of resources that I can recommend, especially if you're a military member or a spouse, definitely look to Bunker labs. There's lots of resources. if you're past the entrepreneurship level, and you're at that point where you have a viable business, a small business, you're looking to grow and scale that out. Reach out to me as well. I definitely have resources for you to help grow from there as well.




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