50 minutes | Nov 22nd 2020

Jen Thorton A.C.C. 304 Coaching LLC

On this episode of the Jason Cavness Experience I talk to Jen Thorton A.C.C. 304 Coaching LLC

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We talk about the following

Her love for historic preservation

Is their a difference in doing HR in different countries

When should a business begin to think about talent strategy

Her entrepreneurial journey

Jen’s Bio

Jennifer has developed her expertise in Talent Strategy & Leadership Development over her exciting 20+ year career as an HR Professional. She’s led international teams across Greater China, Mexico, the U.K., and the U.S. to expand into new markets, managing franchise retailers, and developing key strategic partnerships - all while hiring, onboarding, and training thousands of employees annually. The rapid growth of her consulting firm 304 Coaching has been largely due to Jennifer’s unconventional approach to building innovative workforce development solutions for companies who are facing breakthrough growth and accelerated hiring patterns.

Jen’s Social Media

Jen’s LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jenniferrthornton/

Her Website: https://304coaching.com/

Jen’s Advice

I think that my advice, wisdom, or whatever you want to call it. Is that remember every word and every action that you take as a leader, you're creating someone's world. That world expands outside of that moment.

Make sure as a leader that you are engaging people, you're empowering people, that you are appreciating what someone brings to the table. Even on their bad days, so that when they go back out, outside of that. Whether that's affecting your team or their life at home. Just make sure that you understand the power of leadership resonates outside of that moment and that exchange.

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