54 minutes | Jan 3rd 2021

Jacob Glenn – Founder and President of M Genio

On this episode of the Jason Cavness Experience I talk to Jacob Glenn – Founder and President of M Genio

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We talk about the following

What do companies get wrong about leveraging software?

Being an Advisory Board Member.

CTO as a service.

Advice for entrepreneurs

Jacob’s Bio

Jacob is that dynamic technical leader with a career defined more than 20 years of operational excellence and technical leadership. As a Founder and Managing Director of M Genio Inc. Jacob has responsibility for overall execution of company strategy, including organizational structure, business model development, team leadership and technology delivery. M Genio is a boutique software development firm delivering high quality solutions for clients ranging from startups to fortune 500, and everything in between.

Jacob’s Social Media

Jacob’s LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jacobglenn/

M Genio: https://mgenio.com/

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