59 minutes | Jun 21, 2020

A Talk with People Runway

On this episode of the Jason Cavness Experience I talk to Shravanti Chakraborty and Dr. Candice Reimers of People Runway – People solutions for startups

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We talk about the following

People Runway

The transition from Google People Operations to their own company.

How to have a remote team and a great culture.

What startups are getting wrong about HR.

Shrav and Candice’s Bio

Shrav and Candice founded People Runway to support startups going through transformation and to work with companies to build their culture, people roadmap and people processes. This includes career paths, performance management, manager and leadership development, diversity, equity & inclusion initiatives, and HR infrastructure.

Shrav & Candice were founding members of Google's People Operations team and helped scale Google teams, offices, and processes during periods of high-growth and change. Between the two of them, they were at Google for 25+ years. More recently, Shrav was Chief People Officer at Coursera and joined Candice in 2018 to start People Runway 

During Covid-19 much of their work has focused on leadership coaching, sustaining company culture and living company values through the crisis, consulting HR leaders on critical decisions, and helping companies build a "remote first" mindset. 


We both are HR folks to our core and we know this is a really challenging time right now. To really support peoplee in every way possible. We are doing free consultations. Feel free to reach out to us. We're happy to jump on a call and talk through any challenges that you might have. 

Right now there's no roadmap on how to work through COVID-19. We also see a really great opportunity to employ and to improve the employee experience and increase representation and fairness within the workforce. If you're working for your organization on how to improve some of your processes, we're happy to talk through and help you figure out how you might do that.

Social Media

Company Website: https://www.peoplerunway.team/

Shravanti’s Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/shravanti-chakraborty-4295321/

Candice’s LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/creimers/



Top of mind for us right now has been employee experience in so many different ways. This has come out in our conversation, where companies are really defining themselves on how they're treating their employees through the COVID-19 crisis. Being flexible and supportive in when folks are working and what those expectations might be based on people that are directly indirectly impacted by COVID-19. 

But also, you know, being flexible and recognizing the reminder of the systemic racial and injustices that are happening and the impact that it's having on employees as well and taking a stand in solidarity. But also looking internally as an organization and how you can be better as an organization internally also. I just I think it's been a tough time. But I think this is also an opportunity to see change, a shift for improvement. We believe we can improve the employee experience. But they've got to be intentional and they've got to be thoughtful in how they approach it.

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