51 minutes | Dec 7, 2021

080: Creative Ways to Bring Catholicism to Life When Teaching Religion at Home or School with Greg Aitchison

In this beautiful episode, Greg Aitchison shares his amazing conversion story plus how the Holy Spirit has driven him to help Catholic religion teachers through CatholicReligionTeacher.com with original and engaging resources

Greg is a husband, father, and teacher of the Catholic faith. After experiencing a strong reversion to Catholicism and spending time discerning the priesthood, he followed God's will to the classroom where he taught middle school religion for 14 years. Frustrated with so many of the boring, irrelevant, and dumb-downed resources available to him, Greg began creating his own religion curriculum from scratch. Following his students' encouragement to share these lessons with other religion teachers, Greg built CatholicReligionTeacher.com which would eventually lead to over a million views and emails of thanks from teachers all over the world.

 With this ministry (and his family) growing, Greg took a step back from the classroom to help raise his children and launch Catholic Religion Teacher to new heights. Striving to serve and support fellow teachers of the Catholic faith, Greg has continued to create lessons for the classroom as well as inspiring faith-themed posters and opportunities for teachers to come together for prayer and fellowship.

Greg believes the Holy Spirit is just getting started with Catholic Religion Teacher, and is excited to continue the mission of helping teachers and students be the saints they are called to be!


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