35 minutes | Nov 26th 2020

#07 How can We Evolve Through Parenting With Dr Arayeh Norouzi

Heal. Love. Evolve.Dr. Arayeh has a Ph.D. in psychology with a focus on mindfulness. She is a certified transformational coach, mindful living conscious parenting speaker, and conscious teaching and corporate mindfulness trainer. She helps her clients transform anger, depression, and other low-vibration habits so they can live from the place of love, peace, and joy instead of lack and fear and build harmonic relationships with themselves and their loved ones at home and at work. She is endorsed by Dr. Shefali Tsabary, the founder of conscious parenting and Oprah’s favorite parenting expert.BIGGEST TAKEAWAYS FROM THIS EPISODE1 - What are the main reasons for "negative" behavior?2 – What can we do to satisfy our children's psychological needs?3 – How can we evolve through parenting? CONNECT WITH DR. ARAYEH HEREWORK WITH MECOACHES, CONSULTANTS, ENTREPRENEURS & BUSINESS OWNERS if you are ready to step into your   power, do what you love and make your dream business flourish◉ Book a free call with me:☎ http://bit.ly/StrategySessionWithCatherine
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