25 minutes | Nov 5th 2020

#04 It's Time to Make Shift Happen with Anthony Trucks

Your Failure Or Your Success Is Determined By Your IDENTITYAnthony Trucks is a former NFL Athlete, American Ninja Warrior on NBC, international speaker, host of the Aww Shift podcast, serial entrepreneur with one serious super power: The power to shift with shifting times and help people start attaining their most ambitious desires as quickly as this month. He teaches people how to use the power of identity to achieve their dreams. Which is why he created The Shift Method. A process and a company focused on helping people close their “Identity Gaps” that are responsible for the shortfalls in their potential and lack of success. He then helps them upgrade how they operate so that the hard things become easy, which means more success in all areas of their life. It’s time to Make Shift Happen. BIGGEST TAKEAWAYS FROM THIS EPISODE1 - You will hear what does identity mean2 – What is identity shift3 – Why does everyone need to make oneCONNECT WITH ANTHONY HEREWORK WITH MECOACHES, CONSULTANTS, ENTREPRENEURS & BUSINESS OWNERS if you are ready to step into your   power, do what you love and make your dream business flourish◉ Book a free call with me:☎ http://bit.ly/StrategySessionWithCatherine 
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