21 minutes | Mar 12, 2021

Negativity Bias and How to Fight It

Seven applied positive psychology inventions for you to reignite your spark when you feel totally DRAINED as a coach. John Kim (The Angry Therapist) and Noelle Cordeaux (CEO of JRNI Coaching) are teaming up to tackle the big world of positive psychology, meaning, and life coaching. Everything Life Coaching is brought to you by JRNI Coaching -- A lot of talented people dream of having a coaching business, but aren’t quite sure how to get there. We train and certify adventurous coaches, making sure you’ve got all you need to build a business you love and transform lives, on your terms. Become a life coach, and make a bigger impact on the world around you! Music in this episode is by Keshco, used under a creative commons license.   The Everything Life Coaching Podcast is Produced and Audio Engineered by Amanda Meyncke.
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