57 minutes | Feb 17th 2021

Cartel Hour by Cask Cartel 37: Yelawolf and Creek Water American Whiskey

From Cask Cartel, this is The Cartel Hour.   In this episode we talk Creek Water Whiskey, music, and the Slumerican lifestyle with artist and entrepreneur Yelawolf.   Click on the link to purchase what we drank:   Yelawolf Creekwater American Whiskey https://bit.ly/CreekWater   Yelawolf Creekwater Cinnamon Whiskey https://bit.ly/CreekWaterCinnamon   You can learn more about Yelawolf including his music, art, tour dates, movies, and other entrepreneurial endeavors including Slumerican here: Yelawolf.com   -----   You can always find us at www.CartelHour.com for additional information on the podcast, and of course, you can visit www.CaskCartel.com for America’s largest online premium spirits marketplace.   Follow us on social media @CartelHour, where you can find information about upcoming episodes as well as the free spirits giveaways we do quite often.   And, if you’re a spirits brand that would like to come on the podcast, please email us at host@cartelhour.com or send us a Direct Message on instagram   -----   The Cartel Hour is hosted and produced by Seth Benhaim, and hosted, produced, mixed and edited by me, Cameron Stephens.   Brand outreach and management by Seth Benhaim. Graphics by Shawn Buckmaster.   Our theme music is by Verified Picasso.   Special thanks to our boss Jake Wood at Cask Cartel.   Thank you everyone for listening and remember to always drink responsibly and in good company.
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