52 minutes | Aug 18th 2020

Cartel Hour by Cask Cartel 25: Buffalo Trace with Sazerac's Katy O'Donnell and Neat bar's Wen Yeh and Arash Farzaneh (Part 2)

Buffalo Trace is one of the most recognized bourbon distilleries in the world both in terms of age and quality of products. Hancock Lee and his brother Willis Lee followed the ancient buffalo crossings along the banks of the Kentucky River in Franklin County, and through these Buffalo Traces, found the limestone rich water that would form the cornerstone of the distilling site where it stands today. Guys, this distillery produces some of the heavy hitters we all know and love, everything from that classic Green Label Buffalo Trace to the now coveted Blanton’s single barrel and even the rare and celebrated Pappy Van Winkle line. On this show we got to taste Old Charter, E.H. Taylor Single Barrel, Eagle Rare, two different Wellers, Antique 107 and Weller 12, Hancock’s Reserve, Elmer T. Lee, Rock Hill Farms, and the extremely rare and coveted George T. Stagg.   If it sounds like a staggering lineup, it was: 9 whiskeys in total; so we had to bring in a few guests with the knowledge and palette to handle it all. First we had Katy O’Donnell from Bond & Royal, a subsidiary of Sazerac who owns and distributes Buffalo Trace. The Sazerac Company purchased the distillery in 1992 and has been a huge part of continuing to keep the spirit of tradition and future innovation alive. Her historic knowledge contributed so much color to each bottle we drank. Also, we brought in Wen Yeh, the owner of local Los Angeles whiskey bar Neat, and head bartender Arash Farzaneh. They opened Neat with an educational spirits experience that offers whiskey flights as well as converting customers to take their great whiskey...ahem...neat.   This is Part 2 of 2, so if you haven’t listened to Part 1, go back an episode!   Click on any of the following links to purchase the spirits. Here is a full list of what we drank: Old Charter https://bit.ly/OldCharterB5   E.H. Taylor Single Barrel https://bit.ly/ColonelEHTaylorSB   Eagle Rare  https://bit.ly/EagleRareTen   Weller Antique 107  https://bit.ly/WellerAntique107   Weller 12 Year https://bit.ly/Weller12YR   Hancock’s Reserve https://bit.ly/HancocksReserveSB   Elmer T. Lee https://bit.ly/ElmerTlee   Rock Hill Farms https://bit.ly/RockHillFarms   George T. Stagg https://bit.ly/GeorgeTStagg19   Check out everything from Bond & Royal here: http://bondandroyal.com/   Check out Neat here in Los Angeles: https://www.neat.la/   You can always find us at www.CartelHour.com for additional information on the podcast, and of course, you can visit www.CaskCartel.com for America’s largest online premium spirits marketplace.   Follow us on social media @CartelHour where you can find information about upcoming episodes, and live tastings at The Infusery.   And speaking of those live tastings, for those living in or visiting the Los Angeles area that truly are intrigued, if you’re interested in drinking along with us, we would love to have you to come enjoy an evening at the Infusery to drink through a carefully selected assortment of spirits. We offer custom flights and have a robust library of over 750+ spirits to choose from. And you get to drink with Seth and I, pick our brains, learn a ton, and generally have a blast. Visit www.cartelhour.com/join for more information.   And, if you’re a spirits brand that would like to be featured on the podcast, please visit https://www.cartelhour.com/submissions   Thank you everyone for listening and remember to drink responsibly, and in good company.
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