52 minutes | Feb 17, 2020

Data Conundrums in Marketing | Dr. Beate Stiehler-Mulder, Prof. Ilse Struweg, and Dr. Melanie van Rooy (UJ Department of Marketing Management)

In this episode, the heavyweights of Marketing unpack the data conundrums of the 21st century. Carmen Murray,(CEO of Boo-Yah! Modern Marketing Services, Host, Speaker, Educator) interviews the UJ Department of Marketing. She talks to: Dr.Beate Stiehler-Mulder, (PhD in Marketing Management; Specialist in Marketing, Strategy and Branding); Dr Ilse Struweg, (Professor in Marketing, specialising in strategic integrated communication, marketing); and Dr.Melanie van Rooy (UJ Department of Marketing faculty member, Marketing and Operations Director at Meondo Financial Services). This episode is packed with valuable insights and challenges that marketers face. Marketers are expected in today's world to be unicorns. They need to feel comfortable using both their left and right brains to interpret data and know what the tiny clues are, to inform their creativity. As we move into the era of data obesity, there are many reasons why you should listen to this episode to inform tomorrow's problems, today. Download the White Paper for your own reference http://bit.ly/38UVZ8v If you wish to book Carmen Murray as your MC or Speaker for your next event, have any questions or wish to appear on The Carmen Murray Show, you can contact her directly www.CarmenMurray.com For any marketing inquiries to design and build exceptional customer experiences, customer insights, data science, CX Audits and CX Innovation or training, visit Boo Yah Modern Marketing Services www.Boo-Yah.co.za For any inquiries, more details, or requests to appear on the show, you can contact hello@carmenmurray.com When you're ready to produce your own podcast, contact the podcast experts at SolidGoldStudios.co.za
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