59 minutes | May 9th 2018


How often are you drinking from the well of replenishment, resourcefulness, and rejuvenation? Do you more often feel depleted or replenished? Are you reinforcing the creation of circumstances and experiences that represent your dreams, or are you reinforcing the creation of what you don’t want? Nothing can exist without the power of our attention activating it in our experience! Isn’t that empowering to realize? With this show,my greatest intention is for you to consciously begin choosing, selecting and celebrating a state of being that reinforces a familiar (and consistent) state of replenishment more of the time. It is my intention to highlight your capacity to select the options and opportunities that will reinforce feelings of empowerment, rejuvenation and replenishment! As we intentionally select and declare bold new statements of desire we clear the pathway for those bold declarations of desire to materialize in our realities. The universe then partnersm WITH US in support of the reinforcement of our creative power. Self-awareness and self reflection truly are the keys to expanding consciousness. From my perspective, this is the reason we are alive. Our purpose is purposeful EXPANSION. This show is devoted to the activation of infinite wisdom and knowledge contained within the limitless nature of who you are. As we activate the remembrance of all that we know and the totality of who we are we ignite the powerful tools of creation to support our joyful evolution. The divine truth is that we are interlinked and interwoven with everything and everyone through the fabric of consciousness- and with the power of our creative expression and selection we reinforce the presence or absence of anything in our experience! What’s fascinating is we are such an integral expression of existence that we impact ALL of creation with our essence and with our evolved expression of who we are and with what we select to create. We are infinitely worthy and deserving of experiencing manifesting and materializing anything we desire and with the remembrance of our divine nature and creative potential we can deliberately begin to activate the presence and existence of anything and everything that supports the unveiling and embodiment of our dreams! We are all interconnected and interwoven withIN the grid of consciousness. We are individually creating our lives and defining our perspective on any and every subject. What this means is that we absolutely reinforce those definitions of reality and if we do not like what we are reinforcing, we ALWAYS have the option of redefining refocusing and re-creating our experience of life. Join me and let's get go on another consciousness-expanding adventure! www.CariMurphy.com/radio-show www.StraightTalkfortheSoul.com
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