57 minutes | Apr 6th 2018

The Significance of Circulating Energy! MONUMENTAL Healing Happens in the FLOW 04/03/18

Monumental clarity, flow and healing happens when we realize and practice the soulFULL art of circulating energy. As we practice consciously directing the flow of energy within us through choice, breathwork, meditation and clear/purposeful intention, we cultivate our capacity for clearing the pathways within us. This flow supports us in making deliberate decisions in our day-to-day lives. Conscious choices correlate to clear rewards.

Clearly circulating (rather than stagnant) energy cultivates a state of being that allows us to translate and interpret the infinite living library of energy and information contained withIN us in new ways. It supports us in remembering and accessing our divine cosmic heritage. As we step into the flow, we are given the symbolic keys to access the codes to our multi dimensional selves. This inner library carries and contains vast amounts of information, light, knowledge and memory.

The essence of INNERstanding our true essence requires a clear open flow and circulation of energy within us. We are alive to redefine, redesign, and go beyond previous limitations and boundaries of reality, but in order to do this and BE the wayshowers we are intended to be, we must allow for a natural, consistent circulation of our divine source energy in the most optimal of ways. Join me LIVE and let's get empowered – from the inside-out!
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