58 minutes | Jan 17th 2018

The Power of Proclamation: What are YOU Proclaiming? 01/17/18

Pay attention to your personal pipeline of proclamations! You can very purposefully position yourself in the absolute presence and power of prosperity with inner and outer proclamations that support your ever-expanding personal universe!

Are You Proclaiming Peace and Prosperity or the Opposite?Are You Proclaiming MORE thoughts and ideas about your Desires and Dreams or are you Proclaiming more thoughts about Doubt and Discord? Do you more consistently proclaim Wellness or Sickness? Chaos or clarity?

Each moment is a new creative choice point. We are creating again and again and again. Our personal proclamations (inner/vibrational and outer/verbal) serve as the fuel and the building blocks of our creations. The magnitude of our realized potential lies in direct proportion to our proclamations! When we proclaim promise, possibility, purpose, and passion our potential expands! This show is dedicated to YOU expanding your creative potential by reminding you of one of the most valuable tools that you possess within you; the direction of your focus and the selection of your proclamations to the universe! These are energetic tools that can support you in cultivating and creating the most magnificent, abundant, prosperous, love-filled, radiant, healthy life! I'm not speaking about proclaiming empty words out of obligation. That simply doesn't work. I'm referring to energetic and emotional proclamations with our thoughts, words and our emotions that are authentic. The practice of authentically claiming, intending, deciding and proclaiming our value and worth via our internal and external expression is a supreme gift cultivated by the soul that holds the key to our mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, and financial freedom! Join me LIVE and let's delve into this empowering topic!
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