57 minutes | Jan 24th 2018

The Fast Track and Formula for DREAMS Fulfilled: Selecting YOUR OPTIMAL TIMELINE & YOUR SOULS HIGHEST EXPRESSION FOR 2018! 01/24/18

We are the pioneers of this expanding universe! Are you ready to highlight the highest truths and potential‘s as the false illusions of this reality are now being illuminated in the light? Are you ready to create a landscape for MIRACLES? Are you ready to Realize Your Brilliant Self & your Highest Soul Expression? Are you ready to push out all the density and acclimate to the highest frequencies that are now available to you? Are you ready to Merge and Align with the Timeline You Prefer? ( The ONE where dreams are manifested in your physical reality?) Are you ready to entrain yourself with the frequencies of expansion in as many moments as possible? Are you ready to see notice and embrace the higher spectrum of opportunities available to you in each moment? If you answered yes to any or all of those questions then this show is for you! We are such amazing limitless cosmic beings. We are the conduit’s for divine love on new earth, and we are here to release, clear,transmute, transcend, upgrade and upshift not only our physical bodies, but all aspects of our being so we can realize ourselves as walking talking beings of light capable of manifesting miracles in our lives! We are being recalibrated to handle the new frequencies that are entering our planet to support this ascension of our planet to the 5th dimension which Occurred December 2012, and we’ve been shifting and changing ever since! Part of this expansion process is upgrading our patterns and beliefs as well as activating our DNA and as we do this we begin to realize our capacity to live more joyful miraculous lives as we ignite more and more of our potential. We have the capacity in this new paradigm—- living on new earth— of accelerating the pathway to the realization embodiment and experience of anything we desire! This involves embodying the frequencies of humility and generosity and love and service and Grace ——those are the grounding frequencies of new earth that stabilize our overall frequency so we may realize our dreams and desires in the most authentic of ways. Join us for a SOULFUL EMPOWERMENT UPGRADE and claim the fast track to YOUR dreams fulfilled in 2018!
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