62 minutes | Apr 12th 2018


Are you ready to purposefully participate in ushering in a new paradigm of progress and change on our planet? Are u ready to plunge into a pool of ever present prosperity? Are you ready to shift from feelings of pessimism and poverty to plenty? Are you ready to increase your potential for peace, pleasure, and possibility? Are you ready to transcend the conditions that block you from abundance? Are you ready to spring into purely purposeful and powerfully prosperous living? Are you ready to joyfully explore new avenues and pathways to wealth and success? Are you energetically contributing to this state of being? Are you dwelling in the playing fields of frequency that allow you to experience this? Your emotions and words will always reveal the field of frequency that you’re igniting and participating in. They reveal how in sync you are with the energy of prosperity or not! It’s always available but are you tapping into it? THAT is the question! Nothing is ever absent from our potential of experience here on planet earth. Things only seeming invisible or absent because our frequency is not on a wavelength that can access it! It appears as though it's non -existent but it’s not! Fractured or splintered off viewpoints on money weaken our capacity to see realize perceive or magnetize prosperity. Entangled thoughts and beliefs about money, prosperity, and abundance equal entangled results! When we practice planting clear energetic seeds of prosperity within the playing fields of our consciousness, we create the inner landscape and environment to allow the ]energetic essence of those seeds to blossom in our external reality. Living a prosperous life does NOT involve chasing after material success. It involves creating an energetic climate and environment where the seeds of our thoughts have the ideal space and climate to grow, blossom and expand. Tune in and let's PLANT SOME SEEDS TOGETHER!
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