59 minutes | Jan 31st 2018

Remembering Your Divine Purpose! 01/31/18

www.CariMurphy.com/radio-show www.StraightTalkfortheSoul.com Do you feel aligned or completely out of sync with your divine purpose? Why are we really here? What is the point of existence? We are not alive to conform, feel confused, confined or condemned! We are alive to create! We are individual streams of consciousness (divine creative energy) simultaneously creating our realities side by side one another. Life is an invitation for souls to participate in the evolution of consciousness. We are eternal immortal beings expanding thought! We are intended to consciously utilize the infinite potential of our minds to create matter. We get to observe and witness the universe responding to our expansion of thought from moment to moment because what is consistently activated in our minds turns into matter! Join Cari and she delves into ideas and ways to actualize your highest potential as a sovereign creator; how to explore your creative potential as spirit in form!
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